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Domestic Violence Essays

Abusive behavior at home Essays Abusive behavior at home Paper Abusive behavior at home Paper Abusive behavior at home is considered as one of the most difficult issues the world has been battling since antiquated occasions. The overall gauge of the United Nations reports that roughly 20 to 50 percent ladies have been truly mishandled by an individual from the family, most as often as possible by a private accomplice (Kimmel 1332). In the United States, aggressive behavior at home is likewise viewed as a huge issue of society that should be tended to. The aftereffects of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) led by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) in 2001 announced almost 700,000 occurrences of personal accomplice brutality, wherein roughly 85 percent of the casualties are female (Rennison). In the interim, there are 2. 3 to 10 million youngsters who are presented to residential maltreatment every year, 70 percent of whom are abused also (Rossman, Hughes, and Rosenberg; Fantuzzo and Mohr; qtd in Summers 8). Characterizing Domestic Violence One of the worries of scientists when considering aggressive behavior at home is simply the varieties in characterizing the term. For example, the word â€Å"domestic† which suggests â€Å"within the household† might be excessively wide of a term and may forget about savagery that happens separated from the episodes that occur inside the prompt family, for example, the maltreatment including dating couples (Summers 14). In any case, Hester, Pearson, and Harwin endeavored to give an unmistakable definition that can dispense with the distinctions in translations: â€Å"any brutal or oppressive conduct (regardless of whether physical, sexual, mental, enthusiastic, verbal, money related, and so on. ) which is utilized by one individual to control and command another with whom they have or have had a relationship† (qtd in Summers 14). With this definition, even those whom don't live in a similar house yet have a relationship somehow can be incorporated, for example, ex-companions, unmarried accomplices, and same-sex accomplices (Summers 14). Abusive behavior at home has significant impacts in the lives of people, small kids, families, and networks (Domestic Violence Policy). People as Victims of Domestic Violence Domestic brutality doesn't preclude anybody from turning into a casualty. Notwithstanding age, sexual orientation and societal position, anybody can be misled. Thus, in spite of the fact that ladies have been accounted for as an essential survivor of abusive behavior at home, there are additionally instances of aggressive behavior at home where the casualties are men (Summers 15). Numerous pregnant ladies experience the ill effects of aggressive behavior at home. A case of examples of misuse is when spouses don't give the best possible prescription expected to their pregnancy. Different cases include obnoxious attack of pregnant ladies, and some may even include constrained sex, bringing about untimely work, kid irregularities, or unsuccessful labor. The nonappearance of concern and care to the expecting spouse may likewise prompt fruitless pregnancy. Abusive behavior at home during pregnancy additionally incorporates ceaseless spouse beating and betrayal (Mayo Clinic) The possibility that men are likewise casualties of aggressive behavior at home seems improbable or even unimaginable for some, because of the apparently predominant and ground-breaking nature of the previous. What's more, ladies have been the dominating casualty of household maltreatment across ages and societies (Conner). In spite of this open conviction, men additionally experience aggressive behavior at home. The individuals who take part in a male to male relationship are additionally basic survivors of abusive behavior at home. They experience misuse by means of constrained sex, following and truly attack by their male companion. Male casualties for the most part don't record grumbles about abusive behavior at home. This is on the grounds that they are reluctant to be reprimanded by individuals as a large portion of them need to save their picture of being solid, manly and can never be vanquished by anybody (Fee, Brown, Lazarus, and Theerman 1908). Savagery among the older is likewise another instance of aggressive behavior at home. Lion's share of instances of maltreatment of older folks in the U. S. were executed by their life partners or accomplices (Harris qtd in National Center on Elder Abuse [NCEA] 1). In an examination led by Wilke and Linton, they found that ladies who are more established are bound to be mishandled for a delayed timeframe than the more youthful ones (qtd in NCEA 1). They are additionally increasingly slanted to remain in a rough relationship and create physical wellbeing and mental issues (Wilke and Linton qtd in NCEA 1). Kid misuse, then again, includes physical maltreatment for most cases. A significant number of the undesirable youngsters are brought about by undesirable pregnancies. The dissatisfactions and disillusionments of the guardians are later on gone to the guiltless youngster. Kids likewise become survivors of sexual maltreatment by their dads who additionally player their spouses (â€Å"Domestic Violence Assessment Policy†). Hidden Causes and Effects of Domestic Violence Preventing abusive behavior at home likewise incorporates understanding its causes and what are the parts of a sound and peaceful family. It is extremely difficult to decide the hidden reasons for aggressive behavior at home since no exploration has confirmed a solitary reason that has been the steady purpose behind all instances of abusive behavior at home. There are numerous speculations that endeavor to clarify the reason for household misuse which vary and in some cases cover one another. In spite of the fact that there are contrasts, the shared characteristics from every hypothesis fill in as a decent premise to counter the issue on aggressive behavior at home (Wolfe and Jaffe 134). Natural Theory This hypothesis declares that brutal practices of people depend on organic and natural elements. It can without much of a stretch distinguished utilizing organic chemistry and hereditary qualities study which follows mental health and changes that are achieved by awful encounters. One case of this is the point at which a kid aggregates head injury during adolescence. This can influence how the cerebrum capacities and as he grows up, may impact their critical thinking abilities and result in indiscreet conduct, which later on prompts increasingly fierce conduct (Wolfe and Jaffe 134). Singular Psychopathology Theory Individual psychopathology is otherwise called useless character structure of an individual. This is brought about by natural elements experienced during adolescence. It happens when an individual observers abusive behavior at home which makes the person in question experience challenges in confiding in the individuals around him. The awful experience may likewise influence the manner in which the person in question manages others and forestall that person to create solid connections. This causes nervousness, wretchedness, frailty and some criminal markers like being standoffish (Wolfe and Jaffe 134). Couple and Family Interactions Theory Family relationship assumes an extraordinary job in forming the conduct of an individual. In this way, this hypothesis is followed from the family framework. Aggressive behavior at home can likewise be brought about by broken associations among relatives (Wolfe and Jaffe 134). Social Learning and Development Theory Brutality is utilized by certain individuals as a strategy for discipline. Consequently, this hypothesis proposes that practices are shaped dependent on perceptions from others. At the point when youngsters observes grown-ups who are battling and harming one another, they may think and accept that it is worthy to hurt others since it unravels the contention and misconception. In this manner, when they grow up, they may utilize brutality to manage struggle (Wolfe and Jaffe 135). Social Structure Theory The cliché idea of male strength makes aggressive behavior at home progressively accessible. This hypothesis sees societys method of rewarding people. Male mastery causes maltreatment over ladies and youngsters on the parts of physical, efficient and political control (Wolfe and Jaffe 135). Impacts of Domestic Violence on Victims Domestic savagery truly causes horrendous consequences for the people in question. Yet, beside the injury, there are wellbeing wounds and physical wounds made by the abuser on their casualties. There are occasions that clinical consideration is expected to fix those wounds made through physical assaults. Impacts of abusive behavior at home as physical assault bring about wounds and minor scratches. More terrible physical impacts are broken bones and illnesses from sexual contacts (Bragg 26). Passionate injuries are likewise nearby on account of aggressive behavior at home. It causes tension, misery, substance misuse, alarm assaults and post-awful pressure issue. The casualties may likewise end it all and create psychological instabilities. A youngster who is presented to abusive behavior at home is bound to encounter mental disarranges. Going to class will be troublesome just as managing others (American Psychiatric Association [APA]). The hurtful impacts of abusive behavior at home are additionally reflected in the capacity of the guardians to bring up their youngsters. It influences the guardians conduct contrarily by encountering pressure and despondency. The parent-kid relationship regularly winds up broken. Survivors of abusive behavior at home needed to abstain from rehashing history which clarifies why they are attempting their best to turn into the best guardians. Be that as it may, such exertion to give the correct help, nurturance and direction to their kids isn't simple since they didn't encounter care and fondness from their folks who past mishandled them. There are likewise circumstances wherein guardians don't have the foggiest idea how to give enthusiastic and physical help to their youngsters as a result of passionate fatigue and sorrow (Bragg 27). There are additionally examines demonstrating that most survivors of abusive behavior at home abuse their youngsters later on. A few guardians utilize physical power as type of discipline and disciplinary measures. Consequently it influences the youngsters conduct since it makes a kid oppose the guardians who hurt them (Bragg 27). End Domestic brutality is one incredible issue among families in the general public. It demolishes relationship and impedes self-awareness of relatives. It is a demonstration that if not forestalled promptly can prompt criminal cases. Mindfulness and security will help everybody about abusive behavior at home. The aforeme

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francis of assisi Essay -- essays research papers

Francis of Assisi was a poor man who amazed and roused the Church by taking the gospel literallyâ€not in a thin fundamentalist sense, however by really following all that Jesus said and did, euphorically, unbounded and without a parasite of pretentiousness. Francis was popular for his adoration for all creation. He called for straightforwardness of life, neediness, and modesty before God. He attempted to think about poor people. Thousands were attracted to his truthfulness, devotion, and satisfaction. In the entirety of his activities, Francis looked to follow completely and truly the lifestyle showed by Christ in the Gospels. My report will examine the life and commitments of St. Francis of Assisi. Francis of Assisi lived around 800 years back. He was conceived in the city of Assisi, Italy, in 1182. He was the child of Peter Bernardone (A well off shipper) and Madonna Pica. His dad sold flavors and textures and was frequently away on business. While Peter Bernardone was going in Provence on business, Madonna Pica brought forth his child. A long way from being energized or regretful in light of the fact that he'd been gone, Pietro was incensed on the grounds that she'd had his new child sanctified through water Giovanni after John the Baptist. The exact opposite thing Pietro needed in his child was a godly man - he needed a man of business, a material dealer as was he, and he particularly needed a child Francesco - which is what could be compared to calling him Frenchman. Francis spent a glad adolescence under the vigilant gaze of Madonna Pica and the consideration loaded on him by his dad, who was sure that Francis would tail him in the dealer business. His severe instruction a nd sound good childhood gave all that he did a feeling of parity. Francis appreciated an extremely rich simple life growing up due to his dad's riches and the leniency of the occasions. From the earliest starting point everybody adored Francis. He was continually upbeat, beguiling, and a conceived pioneer. In the event that he was particular, individuals pardoned him. On the off chance that he was sick, individuals dealt with him. In the event that he was such an extensive amount a visionary he did inadequately in school, nobody disapproved. From various perspectives he was too simple to even consider liking to his benefit. Nobody attempted to control him or educate him. As he grew up, Francis turned into the pioneer of a horde of youngsters who went through their evenings in wild gatherings. Francis himself stated, "I lived in sin" during that time. Francis satisfied each desire for Pietro's, and in spite of his dreaming, Francis was likewise acceptable at busin... ...tous. Seeing that he had arrived at the finish of his days, he requested to be brought to the Porziuncola, in Santa Maria degli Angeli, the spot from which his message was spread. During the most recent long periods of his moderately short life (he passed on at 45) he was half visually impaired and truly sick. Two years before his passing, he got the blemish, the genuine and excruciating injuries of Christ in his grasp, feet and side. On his deathbed, he said again and again the last expansion to his Canticle of the Sun, "Be adulated, O Lord, for our Sister Death." He sang Psalm 141, and toward the end requested that his boss have his garments expelled when the most recent hour came and for authorization to lapse lying exposed on the earth, in impersonation of his Lord. Francis' last years were loaded up with enduring just as embarrassment. At the point when he started to go dazzle, the pope requested that his eyes be worked on. This implied closing up his face w ith a hot iron. Francis never recouped from this disease. He kicked the bucket on October 4, 1226 at 45 years old. After two years, on July sixteenth, he was consecrated a holy person by Pope Gregory IX. Francis is viewed as the author of every single Franciscan request and the supporter holy person of biologists and shippers.

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Strategic Planning with Mind Maps (+Free Templates)

Strategic Planning with Mind Maps (+Free Templates) Mind maps are a great tool for strategic planning as they enable you to conduct all kinds of analyses and evaluations of your company, your products, and the market. A SWOT map  will quickly show you strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; with a growthâ€"share map  you can get an overview of your products’ life cycle; and the Four Ps of Price, Product, Promotion and Place will help you determine your offer. Using mind maps for your strategic planning enables you to: Involve all team members in your strategic planning:  Everyone can contribute to the mind map simultaneously. Discover connections and correlations:  Mind maps help visualize links between seemingly unrelated items and provide a birds eye view of problems and opportunities. Adapt as you go along:  Mind maps are flexible and can easily be edited and updated  during subsequent review meetings. In this post we will walk you through a detailed  SWOT analysis using a mind map and afterwards introduce you to a few other popular templates you can use for analyses. All  templates are available in the MindMeister template library. You can also maximize all of the embedded maps in this article  and then clone them to your MindMeister account. Not signed up yet? You can create a free MindMeister account here. Strategic Planning with a  SWOT Analysis This effective planning method helps businesses and other types of organizations evaluate their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This helps them to: determine whether their objectives are reachable find their competitive advantage decide on a business strategy How to conduct a SWOT analysis using a mind map Step 1: Get started Clone our handy SWOT map template to your account or quickly create a new mind map with the following layout: Your browser is not able to display frames. Please visit SWOT Analysis on MindMeister. Step 2: Share the mind map with your team members You can  invite people via email or simply send them a secure link to the map. As soon as everyone has accessed the map, you can start the analysis together. Step 3: Generate meaningful information for each category Start with your strengths. Strengths are characteristics of your business or project that provide you with an advantage over competitors. Examples  could be things like an exclusive access to certain resources, insider information, patents, or an in with the press. Write all your findings  into the strength-branch of your mind map. Try to stick to individual keywords rather than writing whole sentences. This will keep the map from getting too cluttered. To add additional information to topics, use the sidebar on the right. You can add notes, links, comments and attachments to topics. After strengths come weaknessesâ€"basically all things that put you at a disadvantage relative to others. Examples of weaknesses could for instance be a bad reputation, a high cost structure, or a lack of patent protection. Opportunities are openings you can exploit to your advantage, such as beneficial changes in the law, the arrival of a new technology or an unfulfilled customer need. Threats are elements in the environment that could have a negative impact on your business, such as new regulations, the emergence of a substitute product, or a shift in consumer taste away from your product. Step 4: Analyze the map Now that your mind map is filled with information its time to analyze it and build/adjust your strategy accordingly. You can use icons or colors to highlight important factors, use  arrows to show connections  between internal and external  features, and note down ideas that arise during your  discussion. So this is how you conduct a simple SWOT analysis in a mind map. But this isnt the only thing you can use visual diagrams for when it comes to strategic planning. Take a look at the templates weve embedded below, and if you find them useful, feel free to clone them to your MindMeister account! The 4 Ps  Method First proposed in 1960, the 4 Ps method is a business tool used  by marketers to decide how best to take a new offer (service or product) to market. The 4 Ps stand for  Product (service), Place, Price, and Promotion. Your browser is not able to display frames. Please visit The 4 Ps on MindMeister. The AEIOU Framework AEIOU stands for Activities, Environments, Interactions, Objects and Users. This framework is often used by researchers and designers to guide and structure observational research. Your browser is not able to display frames. Please visit AEIOU Framework on MindMeister. The BANTR Approach This approach is more commonly known as BANT, which stands for  Budget, Authority, Need and Timing. Its a method used by sales people to determine  the value of an opportunity or lead. In our template weve added Relationships as a fifth category. Your browser is not able to display frames. Please visit BANTR (Sales) on MindMeister. If you found this article useful, you might also like  4 Ways to Map Out Your Business Strategy

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Poem Analysis The Soldier by Ruper Brooke - 772 Words

â€Å"The Soldier† is a poem about a generic, yet ideal soldier, which is indicated by Rupert Brooke’s use of the word â€Å"The† instead of â€Å"A† when describing the soldier in the title. The usage of â€Å"I† and â€Å"me† in the poem suggests a first person point of view, which makes the poem more personal and realistic to the reader. This poem is a sonnet because the first stanza contains eight lines and the second stanza contains six. Throughout â€Å"The Soldier,† the repetition of â€Å"English† and â€Å"England† shows how important his homeland is to the soldier and his high level of patriotism. In line five, England is personified, and although England is not a living thing, the soldier sees his country as his creator and as a sort of mother figure. Brooke’s use of alliteration throughout the poem helps it flow; the use of caesura breaks up the lines. Perfect external rhyme scheme and iambic pentameter are used throughout the poem, which both give the poem flow and rhythm. The â€Å"dust† in lines four and five is a metaphor for the soldier’s life; England created him and he will become â€Å"dust concealed† when he dies and is buried. The first stanza of â€Å"The Soldier† uses various lines of imagery: â€Å"some corner of a foreign field†¦ In that rich earth a richer dust concealed†¦ flowers†¦ Washed by the rivers, blest by suns of home.† These forms of imagery emphasize the soldier’s death and how his death will cleanse him of any wrongdoings he had done in his time on earth. The â€Å"rivers† and â€Å"suns† are personified as

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My Sister s Keeper By Jodi Picoult - 1421 Words

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult is related to what we have studied in AP Biology because the book explored the issue of genetics. In AP Biology, we discussed the different kinds of genetic diseases, such as sickle cell anemia, down syndrome, and cystic fibrosis. We learned about each disease’s inheritance pattern, either recessive or dominant. In the book, Anna’s older sister, Kate was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia, which she has many immature white blood cells in her body. Inevitably, this led to a deficiency of healthy blood cells to fight off foreign pathogens or diseases. Other than the fact that the book is related to the genetics unit, it is also relevant to the discussion we had in class about a person who underwent a bone marrow transplant to treat his cancer. Similarly, Kate eventually received a bone marrow from her sister. I would recommend this book to others because the book is very interesting and suspenseful. My Sister’s Kee per is center around Anna, her sick sister Kate, their family and their struggle against leukemia that changed their lives forever. At first I thought that the book was kind of dull because the beginning was all about Kate’s diagnosis with leukemia and the treatment she received. But the story took a turn and the reader is introduced with Anna’s lawsuit against her parents. This led me to think that Anna donated her bone marrow and blood against her will. Unexpectedly, in court Anna revealed that she filed the lawsuitShow MoreRelatedMy Sister s Keeper By Jodi Picoult979 Words   |  4 PagesMy Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult beautifully illustrates many different legal, ethical, and moral dilemmas that can accompany a possible terminal illness diagnosis within a family especially that of a young family. Ultimately the book causes you to re-examine any stance you may have had between that of what is legally and ethically right and what is morally right. Brian and Sara Fitzgerald have two small children who seem healthy and happy. Suddenly their daughter Kate falls sick, and after manyRead MoreAnalysis Of Jodi Picoult s My Sister s Keeper Essay1701 Words   |  7 Pagesliterary works. Among these literary works is Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper, a novel in which the theory of existentialism is actively present and found in many elements of the story. These elements, upon further observation, exhibit the six major concepts or existentialism: existence, freedom, facticity, despair, absurdity, and atheism. It can be noted therefore, that the critical theory of existentialism is evident in Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper, as all of the aforementioned concepts areRead MoreMy Sister s Keeper By Jodi Picoult1216 Words   |  5 PagesReading Response – Kaitlyn Baker My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult Sad novels have never really appealed to me. I’ve never been drawn by their sombre and depressing tone, often leaving me in a state of wondering, what now? This novel didn’t excite me at first. The storyline of ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ by Jodi Picoult, follows Anna Fitzgerald as she takes her parents to court so that she could be emancipated from medically supporting here leukaemia ridden sister, Kate. But as I read through, there wereRead MorePersonal Narrative : My Sister s Keeper By Jodi Picoult1424 Words   |  6 PagesReading is my life. I enjoy every book that I pick up. I have many favorite authors from all types of backgrounds and all types of genres. My five favorite books are as followed: A Thousand Splendid Suns, My Sister’s Keeper, My Sister’s Keeper, The Secret Life of Bees and Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man. Each novel plays an important role in my life, they helped me get through some tough times. The books that I read whi le I was in high school helped me to find courage, to find faith, to find myselfRead MoreMy Sisters Keeper and Morality1345 Words   |  6 PagesMy Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult Where is the line with choices? How is a decision determined to be right or wrong? These are some of the questions that summarize the concept of the book My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Anna, the protagonist, files a law suit against her parents, Brian and Sara, because they forced her to make medical decisions that were not her own. Anna is sympathetic with her sister’s condition and has given all she can to ensure Kate’s recovery from leukemia. Yet theRead MoreDonor Babies : Grace Of God Saviors Or Last Resort Recyclables1226 Words   |  5 Pagessaviors or last resort recyclables â€Å"It made me wonder, thought, what would have happened if Kate had been healthy. Certainly, I would not be part of this family.† A quotation from the 2004 book My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult. (My Sister s Keeper) A book about a girl who was born as a donor baby to help her sister not die. In the book Anna wants the rights to her body and goes to court to get them. Why shouldn’t she, how horrible would it be to have to always give a part of your â€Å"unwanted† body andRead MoreMy Sister s Keeper By Kate Fitzgerald1990 Words   |  8 PagesMy Sister’s Keeper follows the story of 13-year-old Anna Fitzgerald, who unexpectedly sues her parents for medical emancipation. Medical emancipation is granted to a minor, where they are no longer restricted to the wishes of their parents and may make their own decisions regarding medical treatment. Now, the reason Anna seeks medical emancipation is because her parents expect her to give up one of her kidneys for her older sister Kate. Kate Fitzgerald has had leukemia since she was 2, and in theRead MoreRelationships, Fate, And Freewill Essay1196 Words   |  5 Pagestypes and forms have been hard because I usually am better at making conversation with adults. Making friends with people my own age is never something I’ve been too good at, keeping those relationships is very difficult. A novel that I think perfectly represents so many different relationships is My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult. This novel shows the strong bond between sisters. Even though Anna was â€Å"made† to save Katie, Anna still feels so strongly connected to Katie that at one point she compares

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Comparison of Essays by James Baldwin and Eric Foner Free Essays

The Identity American English What makes you an individual and an American? The idea of what qualifies a person as an American is very vague. Eric Foner, in his article â€Å"Who is an American? † describes the idea of what qualifies a person as an American has changed over the years. There once was a time where the only people who were American citizen were white males that later became that all people living in the United States had the qualification of becoming a citizen. We will write a custom essay sample on Comparison of Essays by James Baldwin and Eric Foner or any similar topic only for you Order Now There are several factors, including both underlying and overt, that affect idea who qualifies as a citizen. Overt factors such as if you are here legally or if you have your citizenship certificate to more underlying factors like what you look like or if you can speak English. James Baldwin in his essay â€Å"If Black English Isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is† explains how the English he and his people speak is what qualifies them as individuals. Going on to say that, with out the language that they used to communicate with each other their survival would not have been possible. Both Eric Foner and James Baldwin talk about individuality and identity in their articles and arguing that the identity of a person is what gives the person their freedom and liberty. Eric Foner states: Americans’ debates about the bases of our national identity reflect a larger contradiction in the Western traditions itself. For if the West, as we are frequently reminded, created the idea of ‘liberty’ as a universal human right, [West] also invented the concept of ‘race’ and ascribed to it predictive powers about human behavior (Foner 141). Foner implies America, as a whole, is a diverse country; the thought of each of all American belonging to a single, included group, is somewhat illogical. All American have different need and wants, different goals and ambitions, and can’t all enjoy the same â€Å"liberty† because of their â€Å"race†. Baldwin agrees with that saying, â€Å"The brutal truth is that the bulk of the white people in America never had any interest in educating black people, except as this could serve white purposes. Baldwin 3)† Baldwin gives a specific example of how a race oppressed another race and how the race alone was a factor of why there wasn’t equality in the freedom received by the people. The identity that Baldwin shows here is of a young black child who has lived to tough times in life. The only way he will be able to obtain the same freedom as a white child is through the education, that the black child can only receive from white adults, who only want to us e the black child for their own benefit. Even with the freedom the child was promised through the education he would still be a slave to someone or something else. Foner and Baldwin also agree on the fact that African American always excluded from the citizens of the eras. Foner stating, â€Å"Slavery helped to shape the identity, the sense of self, of all Americans, giving nationhood†¦ a powerful exclusionary dimension† (Foner 142). Slaves never had the same treatments as the owners. They were always the left out party who didn’t get the same â€Å"liberty, equality, and democracy† which are the main ideologies that a person needs to be an American (142). If all you need to be an American and enjoy the same liberty and freedom as all other people was to believe in liberty, equality, and democracy â€Å"†¦slavery could never have lasted as long as it did† (Baldwin 2). The fact that slavery lasted as long as it did show that the freedom one person get is not the same amount as someone else. Foner and Baldwin do not specifically talk about the rights of people and how unfairly they are shared in their article, but both do have an underlying implication of the rights of people. Baldwin, for the majority of his article, talks about the way language is spoken by the Blacks and then in the end states that an uneducated country with so many impurities cannot teach anything to its people. Foner, unlike Baldwin, talks about identity and correlates it with the idea of freedom and equality. In his conclusion stating the just like our identities are changing our belief of freedom and equality will always change. For Baldwin language had the connotation of freedom and equality while Foner used identity to connote the same thing. Both articles were written in the late 1900s, and the political and social struggle mentioned in both the articles still exists; the changed asked by both authors still needs to be implanted. Baldwin, James. â€Å"If Black English Isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is? † Readings for Analytical Writing. Third ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2011. Foner, Eric. â€Å"Who Is an American? † Readings for Analytical Writing. Third ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2011. How to cite Comparison of Essays by James Baldwin and Eric Foner, Essay examples

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Realization Of Life Essays - Ancient Greek Medicine, Humorism

Realization of Life annon At one point in one^?s life, he will come to some realization, develop a higher understanding of himself, or have an epiphany of some type. This one incident can change a person^?s entire outlook on life including their beliefs and practices. There will be many notable events in one^?s life, but there will be only few incidents in which one will come to a profound comprehension of his life or life in general. These few incidents are what create adversity in one^?s self. The mental unease which comes along with these incidents is not usually long lasting, but embeds a dramatic concept to which one will often refer. A few years ago, I underwent one of these experiences in which I realized that life entailed no inherent meaning, but only that of which I could myself assign to my actions and despite this I must somehow find happiness in my life. One will always perceive life and its events differently. Because of this, two entirely similar events may influence two individuals in the exact opposite directions. Persons can usually be associated with one of the traditional temperaments, which are phlegmatic, choleric, sanguine, and melancholic. These temperaments are representative of the four humors; phlegm, yellow bile, blood and black vile respectively. One will view and translate events based upon their own personal temperament. I find myself to be melancholic and in that, I find the most significance in seemingly insignificant events. During my freshman year, I was writing a paper for English Class late one night. I recollect the paper was based on the views of Ernest Hemingway. In my frustration, I asked myself, How important is this paper? This was the first time I had ever asked myself this question. In all the assignments prior to this point I had never questioned their importance. In fact, I surprised myself with the answer. At that moment, I realized that the essay was completely unimportant and would not effect me in the long run. Upon this, I began to exam all the events of earlier in the day. I could not find any real meaning in any of these events. Suddenly and horrifically I came to the assumption that not only my life, but life in general was seemingly meaningless in the scheme of the universe. With this conclusion I came to wonder, is life worth living? Up until this point I had found meaning in my life. In order to live productively, I understood that I must assign meaning to my life. In accepting this false meaning, I am able to survive. If one could not find any meaning in his life, it would be a depressing life that he would lead and probably seek suicide. When one dies, he is nothing. With death staring one in the face, one might ask himself was life at all important? If this individual was able to perceive meaning in his life, then the answer will be yes. Happiness is found in toiling with one^?s goals. After completing the paper I found happiness in my struggle of completing a meaningless task. Completing this paper put me one step closer in my ever-lasting goal of obtaining success. I feel that happiness is found in the effort to reach one^?s aspirations. Without happiness life is not worth living. All are condemned to death. No one knows exactly when the inevitable will come, but everyone knows it is inescapable. Knowing this, it is obviously difficult to ascertain meaning in one^?s life, and in knowing this, it is obvious that life is universally meaningless. Life is only bearable if one can find a faux sense of happiness and meaning in his life.